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Ayana Inflation Relief Sale Package

MSRP: $3,559.00
(You save $564.00 )
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8.16 KGS


Ayana COVID-Relief Sale Includes:

1- Ayana Vitality Water Optimizer $2995 EA

2- Ayana Mega Replacement FIlters - $129 EA

1- Ayana Cleaning FIlters - $99 EA

1- Ayana Hot Springs Shower Filter - $89 EA

2- Ayana Hot Springs Replacement Filters $49/EA


This package will not only give you the Ayana Vitality, which produces alkaline, anti-oxidant and hydrogen rich healing water for your body, it also gives you enough filters to last 2-3 years without ever having to replace one! We are also throwing IN our brand new Ayana Hot Springs shower filter absolutely FREE to protect you from chemicals in your shower water. 

Washington University says boosting immune system could be 'treatment strategy' for COVID-19

"We think if we can make our immune systems stronger, we’ll be better able to fight off this coronavirus, as well as other viral and bacterial pathogens"

Richard S. Hotchkiss, professor of anesthesiology, of medicine and of surgery